Material IO: Material Design

As designers we know that the web is always interchangeable, with different trends changing websites and apps must continuously change with them. Google understood this offering up new collaboration tools for web designers, they called them Material IO (Material Design). Material IO consists of different tools ment to be used as interface tools that allow designers and developers to build app interfaces. While they appear to be tied to the company’s Material Design language, which launched in 2014, it looks like they’ll be able to use them regardless of what design principles they decide to follow.

Gallery lets them upload, share and comment on designs. offering version control as well as a way to present the work without the need to attach PDFs or slide decks. If you’ve used collaboration tools like InVision, Gallery might seem familiar to you.

Credit: The Verge

Remixer and Stage allow you to create interactive app prototypes for iOS, Android and the Web. They also let you tweak visual elements on-the-fly and even test movement and animations.

In addition, Google has collated all its Material Design resources – from guidelines to icons – and put them all on a new site,  The video below is a brief over view explaining exactly what material IO is and what it can do.

This isn’t the first time Google has made resources available to the community in recent history. In March, it released Resizer, which is meant to test breakpoints, responsive grids and surface behaviors along with UI patterns for Material Design on the Web.

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