Opera Neon: Interactive Browsing for the Mundane

Opera has launched a new way of how people browse the internet by combining aesthetics and physics into a concept browsing experience for the users to interact with called Opera Neon. Let’s face it, this may not be ready to become everyones mainstream browser just yet but for those who are looking for something less mundane when surfing the web it’s defiantly catching attention in it’s own way. There’s a massive emphasis on making the entire browsing experience as seamless as possible. So, when you open Opera Neon, it’ll blend in with your desktop background. This removes the jarring disconnect between your desktop, and your online world, and works really well.opera-neon-3
Still in the works, the Opera browser features have been rebooted, with a fun, fresh take on Speed Dial, visual tabs and the omnibox, which float in to kickstart the users browsing session. Opera Neon wipes away the desktop clutter by bringing a users computer’s wallpaper into the browser.


Engage your senses

Opera Neon’s newly developed physics engine is set to breathe life back into the internet. Tabs and other objects respond to you like real objects; they have weight and move in a natural way when dragged, pushed, or even popped. This desktop browser is more than just a window to the internet – allowing you to control everything you see.

Using features such as video pop-out, split screen mode, a rebuilt omnibox and improved visual tabs, Opera Neon makes surfing the seamless. You don’t need to stuff images you love away into folders where you’ll never find them again. Instead, collect them into the built-in snap-to-gallery tool. Love a video? Opera Neon also lets you gather your media-playing tabs together in the player panel.

There’s so much more that captivates the attention in this browser, Opera Neon is currently in it’s prototype stages but they are allowing users to test out the web browser on their homepage. This could be the next new way users experience the web so it’s worth looking at.


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