Van Gogh inspired solar energy trail

Sustainable energy is slowly becoming a wide spread phenomenon across the world. We can power our houses, cars, phones using different methods of solar powered panels and plants with some kind of photosynthesis that allow us to absorb the energy from the sun needed for power. Studio Roosegaarde has taken this to the next level and has installed this 3,000-foot bike path to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s death.

The aim is to bridge art and tech inspiring people to create sustainable energy neutral landscapes. They took thousands of twinkling stones to light up the path covered individually with a photosynthesized coating (combined with auxiliary solar panels for darker days) that when in the sun keeps it glowing for about 8hrs.

This project has also inspired other works in the makings such as the blue bike path in Poland made from a similar material called phosphor that can also be recharged by the sun in hopes that this trend will catch on in other parts of the world.

So what do these eye catching bike trails have to do with technology, well in a way sustainable energy could be one of the main sources of power and showcasing something that can potentially change how we use sustainable energy can be part of the bigger picture towards where it could possibly take us.





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